one day school trips and organised groups

1h 70 min.

39 PLN

0,50 PLN

2h130 min.

49 PLN

0,50 PLN

with no limit timeall day

65 PLN

  1. Group tickets are intended for organised groups of at least 15 people.
  2. For every 15 people in a group, there must be one guardian, who is responsible for the group during their stay at the swimming pool.
  3. Admission to the swimming pool is free for the group guardian.
  4. Group members cannot use the WATER PARK SAUNARIUM and the Aqua Park beach.
  5. Only the group guardian may make purchases at the Aqua Bar.
  6. The time of the group’s stay is calculated from the moment the group guardian enters the gate at the ticket office until the time the last group member exits.
  7. The prices provided are for one person’s entry.


Please make group reservations in advance by phone at 12 61-63-190 or by e-mail click here.


Group guardians entering the swimming pool area are asked to change into a swimming suit or shorts and t-shirt.



We accept cards: