Our Water Park

9 October 2015

Water Park in Krakow is one of the largest of its kind in Poland. In 2000, it was awarded the prestigious “Building of the Year” award.


In 18 years, many millions of people have benefited from our water attractions!
The facility stands out from others with its attention to hygiene and a high standard of service.


The park is the only place in Malopolska, where the water is treated bacteriologically in 100% with ozone, so it doesn’t cause irritation of the eyes and skin and is suitable even for babies! A team of experienced lifeguards, as well as a modern system of monitoring and protection, ensures the maximum safety and comfort of our clients.


The facility is accessible for people with disabilities and is the perfect place for rehabilitation and physical therapy.


Water Park is a wonderful and healthy entertainment with lots of attractions, not only for children. Poland’s largest indoor swimming pool hall includes over 2000 m2 of pools, a network of water slides and plenty of water attractions.

SEE THE MAP OF ATTRACTIONS https://www.parkwodny.pl/en/map-of-attractions/

Apart from the water frenzy, Water Park offers also the largest wellness club in Krakow, with an impressive 1000 m2 gym and a wide range of classes: fitness, Pilates, yoga, dance, as well as the School of Martial Arts.


Regardless of age and preference, Water Park in Krakow allows finding the best form of relaxation and taking care of health and slim figure comprehensively.


Feel welcome to visit us!