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Join us for a thermal bath in our SAUNARIUM!


The Saunarium is accessible only from the swimming pool area.


Featuring: steam sauna, Finnish sauna, cedar wood sauna, saline sauna and Ice Well. The saunas are intended for recreation – without a nude zone.

Only persons over 16 (not applicable to certain special events) may use WATER PARK SAUNARIUM. Within the entire area of SAUNARIUM (including inside saunas), it is mandatory to wear a swimsuit or towel. After 8 p.m., it is possible to use sauna without clothing. WATER PARK reserves its rights right to temporarily close down certain saunas due to the organization of certain ceremonies or private events. The detailed principles of SAUNARIUM are stipulated in the RULES OF SAUNARIUM.


The beach does not have to be away from civilization to be charming and relaxing.

During the summer season, we invite you to STACJA PARKOWA Beach, which is a separate, charming space in the air, directly connected to the Water Park building.

There is a water playground, sandy beach, relaxation zones, dry playgrounds, food court 

A beach in the city? As much as possible!

4 zjeżdżalnie zewnętrzne

Zjeżdżalnie w rozmiarach od mini po maksi, o różnym stopniu trudności i szybkości zjazdu, gwarancją dobrej zabawy!

Proponuję zostawić tabelkę, bo jest czytelna i informacje są podane w sposób zwięzły. Teksty pod poszczególnymi elementami tabelek można usunąć, gubią się na tej podstronie.

Cała sieć rur i zjeżdżalni w naszym obiekcie ma ponad 800 metrów!

KONGO jest zjeżdżalnią pontonową i można z niej zjeżdżać pojedynczym lub dwuosobowym pontonem.

Pontoon MAMBA

The Aqua Bar

We have a sure fire way to beat hunger – and we serve it at the Aqua Bar!


Hunger caught up to you after getting out to the water? There is a sure fire way to beat it, known since the dawn of history… you just have to grab a bite!


You don’t have to leave the pool area! We have an Aqua Bar with an extensive menu of cool beverages, hot food and desserts.

Alligator Slide and Yellow Serpent

Mum, Dad – Alligator!


Where is the largest alligator in the world? In our swimming pool!

Family rides, even three people at once!

Have fun together!


In addition to the Alligator we also have the Yellow Serpent.

You can find it on the other side of the pool area and try your luck at riding down the easy difficulty slide.



The Alligator slide is over 18 metres long and 2 metres wide, which is why several people can ride it at once. Available for kids ages 8 and up (or 6 and up with an accompanying adult). The Yellow Serpent slide is available for ages 7 and up.

Paddling Pool for children with the Pirate Island

Paradise for children!


Many colourful attractions:

  • Pirate Island
  • three mini-slides
  • pirate ship with water cannons
  • AquaDino and Strange Bird water fountains
  • Rainbow Slide
  • Magic Mushroom



The Family Alligator Slide is located by the Paddling Pool, and the Pirate Ship is just on shore!


Joy, fun and kids’ smiles guaranteed!

Children can safely play in the paddling pool in shallow water with depth not exceeding 0.6 m. The water temperature is maintained at 29-30°C. It’s the perfect place to get kids used to water and get them started on the road to future swimming lessons.

The Rainbow Path

Legend has it that there is always a treasure at the end of the rainbow; however, it would be really hard to try and find it in reality.


Our Rainbow Path also has a magical element – it is composed of small isles that keep us afloat on the surface!


Getting across is quite a challenge!

Rapid River

In this case, it’s not worth trying to swim upstream, let the current carry you away!


Feel the effect of wild springs and counter-currents on your skin at the bottom of the Rapid River.


Let yourself get pulled into the vortex of good fun!

The Rapid River is nearly 30 metres long and its current leads to a “cave”, just like a real mountain stream.

Swimming lanes

Get to the water!


Experience the pleasure of swimming.
Test our swimming lanes!

Water sports

It’s time for a showdown!


Play water basketball, volleyball or water ball and you will see that aquatic sports aren’t really a walk in the park.


They combine business with pleasure – a workout with fun in the water.


Who will win?

Hydro massage and water whips

Water is the best massage therapist!


Water massages available at the pool:


  • side
  • high
  • base
  • hydro massage bed
  • counter flow


Water whips and hydro massage with various water pressures.

A delightful massage.


Upper hydro massages are located by the rock climbing walls. In the pool with the Salamander and Tornado slides, we offer separate spots with hydro massage beds, high massages, water whips with various water stream shapes and pressures, as well as side and base massage stations.

Rock climbing walls

A thrilling challenge!


Do you like challenges? Rock climbing is not one of the easiest activities, and in connection with water it becomes a truly extreme sport.


Energy, strength and endurance will all be required in order to complete the challenge.


Relaxing and pleasure are always appreciated!


8 jacuzzi tubs with saline baths guarantee:

Detoxification, massage, anti-stress therapy and pleasant body toning, and above all, rest and relaxation!

The temperature of our saline jacuzzis is maintained at 35-37°C, which favours relaxation of the body while being safe for the health.