The name of the slides Age limit Difficulty level Length Description

From the age of 10; children from the age of 6 can be accompanied by an adult in a 2-seat pontoon.

Low difficulty level slide.

165 m

PONTOON CONGO is a pontoon slide, stylistically related to the jungle. Sliding down the pipe in a pontoon gives impression of rafting down the jungle river.

From the age of 14.

High difficulty level slide.

106 m

EXTREME SPEED NITRO is an extremely fast slide, especially recommended to lovers of high speeds. The character of this steepest slide alludes to car racing, which is additionally emphasised by an optional vibrating starting board.

From the age of 10.

Medium difficulty level slide.

132 m

TWISTER is a twisty slide, filled to the brim with multimedia effects, such as the Big-Flash that results in brief disorientation in space or the Starry Sky effect, resembling a night sky. Before starting, it is possible to select the sounds that will accompany you on the way down, such as thunderstorm or a tunnel of fear, which will make the ride down unforgettable.

From the age of 12.

High difficulty level slide.

155 m

SPEED FIRE is a slide for multimedia effect lovers, as well as fans of high speed and emotions. The characteristic feature of this attraction is a narrowing, which doubles as an entrance to the high speed zone, signalised by sounds taken straight from a race track.

Outdoor slides are open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m., the change applies only to weekdays: Mon. – Fri; weekends, holidays, so-called “long weekends” and holidays – no changes.