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An encounter with a high temperature – a wonderful means of relaxation for body and soul in the Finnish, cedar wood, ceramic steam and saline saunas. A sauna is above all the perfect rest and psychological relaxation.

Time spent in a sauna contributes to purification of both your mind and body, picks you up, helps your body recover and strengthens the immune system.

After physical exercise (jogging, training or intense swimming), thermal bath in a sauna is simply recommended. The sauna experience consists in spending time by turns in high and low temperatures. The basis of the bath is the huge contrast of thermal stimuli – the warming up phase should be stopped when we feel warm enough and need to cool down. Use of cold water creates the feeling of refreshment and stimulates your nervous and hormone systems.

The sauna has a very beneficial effect on the cardiac system and water balance. It increases the speed of bodily purification and strengthens the immune system.

Basic parameters of our saunas
FINNISH SAUNA              temperature  85 – 110 ºC, humidity < 20%
(CEDAR WOOD)             temperature  85 - 110 ºC, humidity < 20%
SALINE SAUNA                temperature  70 - 80 ºC,  humidity 40%
STEAM SAUNA                temperature  45 - 50 ºC,  humidity 100%
One can access the sauna only from the pool hall. For the duration of the stay in the sauna the meter of the stay in the pool hall is turned off switching on at the same time the timer in the sauna unit.

Price List for single tickets to the sauna – valid from 1/05/2013

Monday to Friday 1.40 PLN/minute
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 1.70 PLN/minute


• Time spent in the sauna is not added to the swimming pool time (excluding the tickets including the price of the service);
• Charge for stay in the sauna is calculated according to the price list on the basis of the actual time of stay to an accuracy of one minute;
• Price for a stay in the sauna for a holder of a reduced ticket and a holder of a normal ticket is the same;
• You can not by a sauna ticket without first buying a swimming pool ticket.


1-5.09.2015 - Service Breake in the Aquapark We kindly inform that 1-5.09.2015 the Aquapark (swimming pool hall) will be closed, becouse of the annual service break.
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